Hey Babysitters! Enjoy the videos. Don’t forget to check out the Best Of Cla’ence CD of The Young & The Restless Audio Version.

The Cla’ence Weekly B&B Update
A spin off of Cla’ence’s hilarious daily updates of the Young and the Restless heard nationally on radio. Now log on for his weekly updates of CBS’ The Bold And The Beautiful. Stay abreast of all the LA Fashion drama. Don’t miss out. Log on and catch up.

I had to include this one; it’s one of my favorites!

Now here’s the Best Of Cla’ence from the original hit radio version heard nationally in the United Sates back in the day on over 200 plus radio stations. Enjoy the nostalgia!

Enjoy the Best Of Cla’ence CD in it’s entirety. Purchase here.

What part does Scott Shannon play in the Cla’ence Update®? Well, although radio station KJLH in Los Angeles was the very first station to air the Cla’ence Update, Scott Shannon at WHTZ in New York made Cla’ence a paid daily mini-feature.

Here’s how it happened… I was looking for a way to expand the reach of the Cla’ence Update, so I barged into the office of George Taylor Moore, who was the head of programming for Westwood One. I practically forced him to listen to the cassette tape of the Cla’ence Update, and he said “This feature would sound great on KJLH.” I told him “I’m already on KJLH. I’m trying to branch out.” He said “Well Scott Shannon (whom I had never heard of before) is coming in town to do the We Are The World simulcast, where the song We Are The World would be played throughout the entire world at a designated time. I’ll let him hear this tape.” I figured “Well if that ain’t the Hollywood brush, I’ve never heard one before!” so I forgot all about it.

But sure enough, the following Monday morning, I got a 6am wake-up-call from a crazed maniac saying something I could barely understand… “zubzubhubbzhubba… UPDATE!!!! Zubzubzubhubbahubba SOAP OPERA!! Uhbububzubzub… CLA’ENCE!!!!! I’mon putcha on my show!! I’mon pay ya! You gon’ be a stah! You thought I was black dinya?!” I go “No… I didn’t.” “Well anyway, you gon’ be a stah!!” I said “Ok man, I’m down!”

I hung up the phone thinking I just had a dose of New York Hype, but the next day, Scott Shannon called me again and said “You a stah Cla’ence! Dey luv ya!” Unbeknownst to me, I had just landed the number one station in the toughest market in all of syndicated radio!!

Scott recommended me to friends of his around the country, and I soon found myself receiving checks from 10 major market radio stations, and this got the attention of Steve Lehman at Premiere Radio Networks. We signed a syndication deal, and the Cla’ence Update was heard on more than 200 radio stations, twice daily. Not bad for a cat just illin’ huh?

People always ask me “How did you come up with the name Cla’ence, and why is it spelled that way?” That’s a story for another time…

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