How In The World Did A Program Like On The Phone With Ti-Rone® Get On Gospel Radio?

Actually, it was much easier than you might think.  Ti-Rone® is basically an advice program that tries to give positive solutions to life’s problems.  What more positive advice can I give than to advise a person to seek God’s help?

God is a very important foundation for Ti-Rone®. On one program I teased the audience saying “This is Ti-Rone® on your radio phone and I’m coming out of the closet right after this!” then went to commercial.  Man, what they must have been thinking!  After the commercial, I came on and said, “As I told you before, I am coming out of the closet!  I want everybody out there to know that I am a Christian!  That’s right, Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.”  I’m sure there were some who were quite disappointed.

Eventually, I came in to contact with Tommy Smalls,  program director of WTHE, a gospel station in New York. I asked Tommy about the possibility of being on his station.  Tommy was familiar with “On the Phone with Ti-Rone®” for hip hop, R&B, adult contemporary and urban stations, but thought the feature was a bit too secular for gospel radio.  However, Tommy did something I will always be grateful for.  He took time to listen to the program and told me what to do to make it right for gospel radio.  The program continues to get very positive feedback from our listeners.  They especially enjoy the scriptural references, which are very effective in leading one to a solution for a tough problem and the visiting ministers from several Christian denominations.

Gospel Ti-Rone® has been a very rewarding experience for me and I’ll continue to ask God to make this program a blessing for visitors to this page.

To lead off we’ll hear from two phenomenal men of God who I consider to be founding members of the Wisdom Hall Of Fame: Reverends DR Gardner C Taylor and Elliot J Mason.

To God be the GLORY.

HERE’S FREDDY HAYNES With a word for the suffering and recovering addict from The Free N One Recovery Revival hosted by the West Angeles Church Of God In Christ in 2005.


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