Radio fans know him as “Cla’ence”, the soap insider who hosts one of the country’s most popular comedy mini-features, “The Cla’ence Update of CBS’ The Young and the Restless.

Comedy Fans know him as Brad Sanders…actor / writer / producer and voice behind
“THE Cla’ence UPDATE.”

“The Cla’ence Update” was conceived as a bit for Sanders’ nightclub act.  Sanders debuted his soap update at the Comedy Corner club in Dallas, Texas where it caught the attention of radio personality Tom Joyner.  Joyner invited Sanders to perform the first radio broadcast of the Update for his top-rated morning show.  After its successful radio bow, the Update aired as a live broadcast (by telephone) to a number  of radio stations.  Today, a syndication story, “The Cla’ence Update” is a broadcast to more than 100 radio stations across the United States.

Cla’ence’s success with “The Young & Restless” led Brad Sanders into new ventures with CBS television.  Although the network has come to rely on his professional vocal work, fans can now match the familiar “voice of CBS daytime” with a face.  Sanders promotes the network’s daytime line-up in a series of funny and innovative on-camera promotional spots.

“On the Phone with Ti-Rone,” another product from the Sanders’ hit factory, features his other persona, Ti-Rone. An “urban Dear Abby,” Ti-Rone answers listener’s letters and phone calls with a little common sense advice.  Over 100 radio stations carry “On the Phone with Ti-Rone” which is syndicated by Sanders’ Babysitters Productions.

Brad Sanders’ writing and production talents are evidenced by his success with “It’s Your World,” a fully produced short form soap opera currently airing on the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show.” Sander’s co-created, “It’s Your World,” a soap opera mini-feature with comedian Myra Jay.  His writing skills have made this weekly syndicated radio feature a national hit.

Cla’ence and Ti-Rone are characters Sanders brought to life on the nightclub stage.   In fact, comedy is where it all began. One can often find Sanders working out new material on stage at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory, making guest appearances on TV comedy shows and headlining gigs at some of the country’s top clubs and concert venues.

In addition to his radio, television and nightclub careers, Sanders’ film resume continues to grow with film roles that include animated feature “Bebe’s Kids,” and feature films, “Fear of a Black Hat,”  “Hollywood Shuffle” and “Brewster’s Millions.”