Ti-rone continues to be one of the hottest personalities on Urban radio in America.

Ti-rone’s “anything but conventional” advice is heard in more than 100 radio markets every weekday.

Ti-rone receives thousands of calls each month via a dedicated 800-line set up for listeners (800-TYRONE-1).  Listeners ask questions on everything from love to money, friendship to family.  The most entertaining calls are answered each day.

And Ti-Rone connects listeners with entertainment celebrities too; his Hollywood connections are extensive.  It’s not unusual to hear the likes of Sinbad, Marsha Warfield, Erykah Badu or other top name entertainers also offering their advice.

MEN like Ti-Rone because he speaks his mind.  WOMEN love Ti-Rone because he takes his time.

Ti-Rone tells it like it is Monday through Friday, airing once each in both the morning and afternoon drive.  Top-rated URBAN stations in Los Angeles,   Boston, Dallas, and Houston anchor an outstanding roster of loyal affiliates.

On the Phone with Ti-Rone® has what advertisers like, as well. This powerhouse URBAN program delivers targeted demos in prime dayparts–ordinary URBAN programs don’t even come close.

Go ahead and make the call.


Tirone Interviews:
Here we go! This is the archive of Ti-rone interviews. Most are unedited (some could contain adult language!) and offer a unique raw view into the lives of personalities that you know and love.

Various Themes
Jamie Foxx
Joe Torrey
Darryl Heath
James Hanna
AJ Johnson/TK Kirkland
Bruce Bruce
Leslie Jones
Brandon Bowlen
Gordon Parks
Bill Duke
Ezel McDowell #1 #2
Phyllis McNeil
Victor Newman
Jasmine Guy
Trech (NbyN)
“Kid” from Kid ‘n’ Play
Mark Nelson
Charlie Wilson
Garcelle Beauvais
Cool Modee
Morris Chesnutt
Ice-T / Warren G
Eliyah English
Guy Torrey
Brian McKnight
Lisa Ray
Kelly Williams
Deborah Wafer
Judge Marilyn Mackle
Snoop Dogg
T.K. Kirkland
Carrot Top
James Avery
Mystro Clark
Maurice Pimone

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