Short Reenactments of the Exciting Events in African American History
Volumes 1-7
Each Series Contains Ten Moments in Black History

Series 1
Tuskeegee Airmen
Benjamin Banneker – Inventor & Architect
Zora Neal Hurston – Writer
Ron Brown – Politician
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Civil Rights Leader
Rosa Parks – Civil Rights Champion
Ruby Bridges – !st to Integrate New Orleans Schools
761rst Tank Battalion
Founding of the A.M.E. Church
Stage Coach Mary

Series 2
Mae C. Jemison – 1st Black Woman in Space
The Black Panther Party
Madam C.J. Walker – Inventor & Entrepreneur
Issac “Ike” Murphy – Celebrated Black Jockey
Ralph Ellison – Writer
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. – Statesman
George F. Grant – Inventor
Million Man March
Harriet Ross Tubman – Freedom Fighter
Bessie Coleman – 1st Black Female Pilot

Series 3
Robert Abbott – Newspaper Editor & Publisher
Dr. Charles R. Drew – Celebrated Surgeon & Scientist
Montgomery Bus boycott
The Right to Read
Fannie Lou Hamer – Civil Rights Champion
Lorraine Hansberry – Writer
Mother Clara Hale – Humanitarian
Dr. Cornell West – Educator, Writer & Researcher
Jack “The Rapper” Gibson – Radio Personality & Organizer
Malcolm X – Organizer & Civil Rights Leader

Series 4
Barbara Jordan – Stateswoman

Thoman Fuller – Mathematacian

Hannibal – General

Marshall Major Taylor – Black Cyclist

Marcus Garvey – Liberationist

Paul Robeson – Singer, Actor, Scholar

Mary Hamilton – Activist

Ida B. Wells – Activist

Cherokee Bill – Black Desperado

Angela Davis – Activist

Series 5
Norbert Rillieux – Inventor

John H. Johnson – Publisher

Dorothy Height – Women’s Rights Activist

Thomas Dorsey – Composer

Garrett Morgan – Inventor

Black Firefighters

George Washington Carver – Scientist

E.D. Nixon – Civil Rights Activist

Muhammed Ali – Heavyweight Champion

Tuskeegee Study

Series 6
Afeni Shakur

August Wilson

Brigadier General Benjamin O. Davis, Sr.

Black Power Movement

Denmark Vesey

Gordon Parks

Jean Dusable

Los Angeles Police Attack

Nelson Mandela

Port Chicago

Series 7
Charlie Sifford

John Coltrane

Ralph Bunche

Russel Simmons

Spike Lee

Stephen Biko

Stokely Charmichael

Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

Ward Connerly

Watts Rebellion 1965

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