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 Moments in Black History
Short Reenactments of the Exciting Events in African American History

Volumes 1-7

Each Series Contains Ten Moments in Black History

Series I Series II Series III Series IV

Tuskeegee Airmen
Benjamin Banneker -
Inventor & Architect
Zora Neal Hurston -
Ron Brown -
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -
Civil Rights Leader
Rosa Parks -
Civil Rights Champion
Ruby Bridges -
!st to Integrate New Orleans Schools
761rst Tank Battalion
Founding of the A.M.E. Church
Stage Coach Mary

Mae C. Jemison -
1st Black Woman in Space
The Black Panther Party
Madam C.J. Walker -
Inventor & Entrepreneur
Issac "Ike" Murphy -
Celebrated Black Jockey
Ralph Ellison -
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. -
George F. Grant -
Million Man March
Harriet Ross Tubman -
Freedom Fighter
Bessie Coleman -
1st Black Female Pilot

Robert Abbott-
Newspaper Editor & Publisher
Dr. Charles R. Drew -
Celebrated Surgeon & Scientist
Montgomery Bus boycott
The Right to Read
Fannie Lou Hamer -
Civil Rights Champion
Lorraine Hansberry -
Mother Clara Hale -
Dr. Cornell West -
Educator, Writer & Researcher
Jack "The Rapper" Gibson -
Radio Personality & Organizer
Malcolm X -
Organizer & Civil Rights Leader

Barbara Jordan-Stateswoman

Thoman Fuller-Mathematacian


Marshall Major Taylor-Black Cyclist

Marcus Garvey-Liberationist

Paul Robeson-Singer, Actor, Scholar

Mary Hamilton-Activist

Ida B. Wells-Activist

Cherokee Bill-Black Desperado

Angela Davis-Activist

Series V Series VI Series VII .

Norbert Rillieux-Inventor

John H. Johnson-Publisher

Dorothy Height-Women's Rights Activist

Thomas Dorsey-Composer

Garrett Morgan-Inventor

Black Firefighters

George Washington Carver-Scientist

E.D. Nixon-Civil Rights Activist

Muhammed Ali-Heavyweight Champion

Tuskeegee Study

Afeni Shakur

August Wilson

Brigadier General Benjamin O. Davis, Sr.

Black Power Movement

Denmark Vesey

Gordon Parks

Jean Dusable

Los Angeles Police Attack

Nelson Mandela

Port Chicago

Charlie Sifford

John Coltrane

Ralph Bunche

Russel Simmons

Spike Lee

Stephen Biko

Stokely Charmichael

Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

Ward Connerly

Watts Rebellion 1965


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